PC/AV 影音延伸


Unlimited Extension.Unlost Quality.Low Latency

From every aspect of public information display, all of which now requires display connections and extensions. With the increasing usage scenarios that demands distance extension with multimedia information delivery, our PC/AV Extension solutions are design to address the market demands. With our core technologies, we are able to support PC Extensions for application scenario such as PC-to-TV, PC centralization for Internet Cafe, and Enterprise PC over IP.

Target at the applications of Internet Café and PC remote control, ASPEED Technology offers a full range of PC/AV Extension solutions to fulfill the market demands. AST1620 is an industry-leading PC/AV Extension SoC processor, which can support up to UHD (4K2K) extreme high resolution extension over IP. By utilizing ASPEED's patented Image/Video compression algorithm and Ethernet technology, AST1620 can perform excellent visually lossless image/video quality and low latency when the connection CAT5E cable length can be up to 100M. Our core technologies include "PC/AV over IP" and "USB over IP", which support IP-controlled PC Extension for application scenarios.